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Businesses are looking to engage their employees through the arts, helping fuel attraction and retention Employee engagement remains a priority for the business community.  In The Conference Board CEO Challenge® CEOs reported that strategies to improve productivity center on “developing talent from within, improving leadership skills and pipeline, and building a performance culture through engagement, measurement, and accountability.”

Companies consider the arts to be important in building quality of life, stimulating creative thinking and problem solving, and offering networking opportunities and the potential to develop new business and build market share.  These positive impacts help companies attract and retain employees, particularly as the war for talent intensifies. 

Companies provided a range of arts-related activities to employees, which also help with attraction, engagement, leadership and development, and retention. The highest percentage of companies reported offering: 
• Board service opportunities at arts organizations (68 percent) 
• Volunteer opportunities at arts organizations (65 percent) 
• Free or discounted tickets to arts events (63 percent)

Businesses are bringing the arts into the workplace by having a corporate art collection (42 percent of companies); presenting concerts or art exhibitions in the workplace (25 percent); and holding employee art exhibitions, battle of the bands, or performances of employee art work (21 percent). 

Large companies (for example, those with 25,000+ employees) were more likely to say the arts address issues of diversity in the workplace (43 percent), compared to medium and small companies (32 percent and 15 percent respectively). The difference is much clearer by employee numbers than by revenue and likely reflects structures at companies with large employee bases to improve diversity and inclusion (through employee resource groups, for example). 

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