domingo, 31 de maio de 2015


Exposição da escultora e fotógrafa Erika Verzutti (São Paulo, 1971) ganha destaque na revista New Yorker. A carreira internacional de Erika inlcui exposições individuais e coletivas em Nova York, Pittsburgh e Lyon. Suas últimas exposições no Brasil aconteceram em 2013, no Centro Cultural São Paulo e na Bienal do Mercosul em Porto Alegre.


May 3 2015 – August 3 2015

The Brazilian artist’s witty New York début includes a room of small, biomorphic sculptures based on pears and breadfruit, but the main event is a twelve-foot-tall abstracted swan made of Styrofoam, polyurethane, and fibreglass. In the Instagram-ready installation, viewers can go face to beak with the bird by climbing steps and walking onto a platform. In a related series of black-and-white photographs, a performer serenades another swan sculpture (he also gnaws it, kisses it, and falls asleep on it). In several shots, the performer wears a jumpsuit embroidered with the artist’s name, as if she had deputized him to fall in love with her work: a Pygmalion by proxy. Through Aug. 3.

44-19 Purves St.
Queens, NY 11101

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